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January 19, 2013

The funniest show in Bridgeport, CT is back… bigger and better than ever. Valentine’s Day is over. The weekend is here and its time to laugh all the stress away. Funny Friday is the funniest show in all of Connecticut. Cipha Sounds & Leatherhead Promotions presents FUNNY FRIDAY Friday, February 15th, 2013 All Hosted By […]

DJ Ted Smooth & The Kid Daytona presents: “Ain’t Shit Sweet”

February 16, 2012

The Kid Daytona is back and this time he’s recruited Big Dawg Pitbull  “DJ Ted Smooth” for his latest installment “Aint Shit Sweet” just in time for Valentines Day. This LP will take you on a ride back in the day when R&B songs were what the ladies, G’s & the Hustlers rocked out to! […]


February 15, 2012

Its Valentine’s Day the day after & all you fellas are on the chopping block I hope you stepped your game up for your lady….and your sidechick. Rosenberg is mad again about the girls tweeting that they’d let Chris Brown punch them if they can get next to him, is ya man Bobby Brown to […]


February 15, 2011

So in case you’ve missed Lil Kim on the show yesterday (you’re an idiot if you did by the way) we have her discussin the Nicki Minaj beef and who she’d prefer between a black, puerto rico or a jew, things you’ve left in a cab and trust me people forget the wildest things, moments […]


February 14, 2011

I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day for the  lames out there who celebrate this horrible holiday. So in honor of the love fest we have the one and only Lil Kim stop to do a Valentine’s Day Massacre for the haters out there. She gives the inside scoop of who’s the lucky […]


February 11, 2011

Comedian Mike DeStefano tells us the connection he has withminorities, Rihanna dropped the restraining order on Chris Brown so we did an Instant Survey: is Chris Brown still unforgiveable? Rosenburger messed up his proposal, things white people dont care about, moments in black history, Showdown with Cipha Sounds, biracial people having to choose sides and […]


February 9, 2011

He Says: His girl is crazy because she’s sleeping with her gay friend but She Says: She’s just trying to turn him straight, inappropriate gifts your boss has given you, we put K.Foxx and Jen From Brooklyn on blast with Hosea Chanchez from The Game about his naked pics and the always funny Shawn and […]


February 16, 2010

It’s Fat Tuesday and Rosenberg’s deadline is gettin closer, we got more Valentine’s Day disaster calls, moments in black history, the Red Cross are havin issues with the Haiti relief, what married folks found out about their spouse AFTER they got married, Black Girls Court: Nas dissin Kelis on a record , what’s worse findin […]


February 15, 2010

Happy President’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year! We talked about things black people don’t care about, moments in black history and as you all know Valentine’s Day was yesterday and yes I actually celebrated and it was good, K. Foxx’s Vday was great but Rosenberg’s was wackkkkk. So we asked listeners all morning to […]


February 12, 2010

Valentine’s Day is this weekend so we hooked yall up with a whole bunch of guests on the show today and as for my feelings about this “holiday”?? In the words of Joe Biden WHO CARES. But of course everyone else does, like Rosenberg who revealed what he got his wifey after gettin advice from […]


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