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Yo so the Juan Ep app is not done yet but we had to start the season anyway! One episode — three guests! Listen in and find out who we got in the buildin!

Click here to listen and download: JUAN EPSTEIN

-Cipha Sounds

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17 Responses to “NEW JUAN EPSTEIN!”

  1. Yes!!!

  2. This is how I will start my Wednesday morning, thanks ciph.

  3. Thanks Ciph! Can’t wait to hear this.

  4. ciph thanks bro…aways look foward to juan epstein download..all the way from boston

  5. Thanks Ciph

  6. Good looking out Ciph…….it was great to hear Ice Cube.
    Yo, you have got to get down here to SXSW2013 Ciph!!

  7. Yo Ciph, next time at improv class at the UCB, if they have you start off on anything random, start with: “Damn I forgot to post up the morning show!”
    Then see where it goes from there since people in your group are not suppose to ask questions when improvising.

  8. will there ever be a juan ep where rosenberg doesnt use it as a platform to talk about himself!

  9. c’mon on son. 90’s mix on #fohfridays. me & a bunch of other people aren’t up when the show is on. i follow you on twitter & notice everybody talking about the show & yet i’m missing out. c’mon b. big kev has to, HAS TO, gut check you playa. smh

  10. lol … Turtles is a true fan … going old school with the Big Kev gut check reference …


  11. Ciph, think its about time you went in on Rosenberg on a Juan Ep just to calm him down.

  12. Thanks for making it so I can download and listen. Stop using SendShare tho, this mf is slow as hell. Juan Ep 4 Life

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