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RIP Sherman Hemsley! He was a one of the funniest men in television. Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian getting engaged? Janet Jackson slaps Paris Jackson. Lupe Fiasco comes by and talks about if hes scared to watch The Dark Knight, who he would date from Love & Hip Hop & more. We also talk to Joseline Hernandez about Stevie J, working in the strip club & more. Check it out!

Click here to listen and download: SENDSPACE

-Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 7/25/12”

  1. Thank you Ciph for posting episodes again! We like Juan Epstine but we missed hearing the show too.

  2. thank you ciph! when you guys get a chance, try to get adam pally on juan epstein.

  3. btw ciph, i remember u saying u hated the show Friends. But Happy Endings is the exact same show. the only difference? Chandler is black
    [Damon Wayans] & Joey is chubby & gay [Adam Pally]. Thanks for putting me on to Happy Endings. It’s funny as hell & one of my favorite tv shows.

  4. Appreciate the post!!!!

  5. Ciph, I’m gonna have to punch you in the gut just for living. Whut up with the morning show playa?

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