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Whats up! The great Jeffery Gurian came by the Dont Get Gassed Comedy Series Bday Bash last month and wrote an great article about it. Check it out below……

“Cipha Sounds is one of the busiest guys in comedy. He produces about a show a minute these days. At least it seems that way. Every time I check my e-mail there’s another Cipha Sounds show and they’re all good!”

“As soon as he ends one show he starts another, and for a guy who gets up at 3 A.M. every morning to do his radio thing on Hot 97, that’s not easy!”

“But I knew I had to catch his birthday show. I recently shot a cool video with Ciph at the Comedy Juice show at Gotham, where he finally explained to me what “Don’t Get Gassed” means cause that’s the name of his show. It’s the “Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series.”

Click here to check out the rest of the article on COMEDY MATTER!

-Cipha Sounds

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4 Responses to “COMEDY MATTERS!”

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  2. You deserve your success, good job.

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