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Happy Thursday people. Grand Hustle King of the South T.I stopped by today! We asked him about the juicy Tiny pregnancy rumors mmm hmm you heard right this will make it kid #7 if it’s true & it might be because he was def trying to dodge the question lol. And you know we had to bring up Ratchet RiRi to him about her ratchet ways lately, we also asked about his stance on gay marriage & of course mentioned Meek Mill’s success as a Maybach Music member…for those who don’t know T.I was planning to sign him to Grand Hustle but then he got locked up. Instead of keeping him on the shelf he told Meek Mill to go do his thing. What a good dude….there are very few who would let their talent go do their thing because they want to have the props for discovering them but not T.I.

Click here to listen and download: SENDSPACE

-Signing off Peace & Love,

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/17/12”

  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Much love JenBKLYN for taking the time to upload this.

    • Kevin Airgid Posted on I am using WPMobile on this site however, bsuecae my content is mostly text. So when you come to this blog you don’t get the computer browser UI, but a formatted one for mobile. I’ve tested it out and I actually prefer the mobile version What do you think?

  3. Just did the math.. 5 shows have been posted this month… 5…. Technical difficulties, I doubt it… for the past few years, you’ve fed my addiction… now your leaving me shivering under a bridge… shit is fucked up!!!!!… Is there another way to listen to the show!!!!!!!!!??????????…

  4. She looks good. the song is horrible. the video is bornig and I coulda sworn she can dance better than this. the choreography was horrible. i feel bad for her. I really thought she was going to start to take off on her own. smh

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