Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


Here’s another crazy Juan Epstein! We had Jadakiss in the studio…..

Oh let me not forget.. The Juan Epstein Iphone App is almost complete! Now you could get all your favorite Juan Epstein interviews in one click. The real Juan Ep era is just beginning!

Click here to listen and download: SENDSPACE

-Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN W/ JADAKISS”

  1. The show and a juan ep good day thank you

  2. ^ what he said!

  3. Thank you…lookin forward to that app.

  4. Thanks for posting

  5. Thanks Ciph. Top 5 Dead or Alive ahaaaaa.

  6. The fact that Jada called Ciph, Fendi is hysterical to me. Great interview

  7. Don’t get me gassed! I’m pumped for the app and thank you again sirs for letting another episode see the light of the internets.

  8. One of the best Juan Ep’s in years…

  9. Awesome, and Juan APP-Stein coming soon. HAAAA!!

  10. Thanks guys, look forward to the app…

  11. nice one! thanks!

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