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What’s up people! Sorry the show hasn’t been posted, technical difficulties you understand right? ;) Anyhow let’s cut right to the chase we deal with racism everyday, overhear it or see it with our own very eyes so now its time to shed more light on it! This guy Mushnick who wrote that racist article about Jay-Z & the Brooklyn Nets is a doosh but there are people who actually agree with him smh….Shani’s friends are having a problem deciding who gets the apartment now that they’ve broken up & SummerJam artist G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean stops by & addresses those Nicki Minaj sex tape rumors mmmm hmmmm.

Click here to listen and download: SENDSPACE

Signing off Peace & Love,

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/9/12”

  1. Thanks Jen! I know you guys are busy & sometimes can’t get around to posting the show, but please try to stay consistent because we enjoy the
    show. I’m just speaking on behalf of the fans that can’t catch the show in the morning. Thanks again.

  2. ^
    what he said. It’s greatly appreciated

    You be my fav. BlackChini Jenn!

  3. Thanks JENBKLYN.

    I’d like to echo the comments above although I’m sure this isn’t part of your actual job. We’re privileged to even hear this audio at our our convenience therefore I’m content whenever it’s most convenient for the staff to post it.

    Regardless, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing, your time and efforts are highly appreciated.

  4. Yeah.. what they said…. ^^^

  5. LOL I will try my best to get them up daily. Don’t worry!

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