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Oh yes I’m on those Thursday vibes!! Lol so we’ve been talking about Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman’s new statement that he was getting beat up by Travyon well a new video just dropped clearly showing that there was absolutely no harm on Zimmerman’s body that he claims….SMH. Actress Alicia Silverstone chews her baby’s food then spits it back into his mouth apparently these baby tactics are common & Slaughterhouse was in the building today, helping out Rosenberg with some bachelor party rules for his bachelor party this weekend. By the way did you hear things black people don’t care about? It’s backkkkk =)

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-Signing off Peace & Love,

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/29/12”

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  2. No idea why the bike burns so few calories, might be a good qusotien for the trainer to answer. Trust me, I was feeling lost for quite a while but more on the food side of things than anything. There were plenty of days where even though I was tracking what I was eating, it wasn’t necessarily the right things and felt like I needed to talk to someone about what to eat (I still feel like that a little but am actually getting better about actually paying attention to what I am eating). I think it’s a motivation thing, and sometimes you just have to keep plugging away at it, and maybe trying to find someone to talk to. I’ve been in the same boat so to speak and now how you feel (I’m still dealing with the same 2-3, maybe 4 pounds since March or so). If you want to talk at all and through out some ideas, let me know. Maybe together we can get through things.

  3. Fun game to watch, but again, I see poor rebounding as this teams aclheils heel. Box out your player, guys! Hit your free throws and get someone else to inbounds the ball other than Burton (poor court vision and the guy is slow and can’t jump poor rebounder, poor free throw shooter, bad combo for guy that plays in the middle). The details of the game is what kills the Beavs.Oh, and the refs were atrocious glad to see Pac-12 referreeing being consistent between sports.The Beavs can get out of a 1-3 start but it will be hard, especially if they keep doing what they’re doing.

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