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Happy Super Tuesday people!! Sidenote, I got out the train today & there was actually daylight = Spring is almost here! Woohoo!! I get to finally rock my colorful jeans lol.

In any event, XXL Magazine editors stopped by the show to defend their annual “Freshman Class” & for those who disagree with their choices they have a pretty good explanation, ┬áif you’re a sports fan you’ve probably heard about the bounties that were set for some player on New Orleans Saints, some argue it’s completely wrong to go after a player & injure him…others like Brett Favre argued that “that’s football”. The Jersey Shore tanned star Snooki is pregnant…do we need another Snooki in this world? And ladies & gents….Rosenberg is a HAMBURGER says Cipha…all because of a flat tire.

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-Signing off Peace & Love,

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One Response to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/6/12”

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