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Happy Valentine’s Day loverssSSsss and because it is the day to show your significant other how much they mean to you we sent a couple to rekindle their love out in Miami courtesy of Drake! It was all good just a week ago, so you all know how Cipha is about this day well his Scroogeness continues this time he claims that women who say their son are their Valentine are LOSERS lol so mean! And fellas, I hope you’re doing something super special for your ladies & make it creative & UNEXPECTED not the same old song & dance. Change it up, switch it up, she’ll really appreciate it. And it hurts so much to say this but we lost another legend & this one hits home… I am beyond devastated. Whitney Houston’s music got me through the roughest times, her movies brightened my day her voice was of an angel’s no one will ever compare & her acting was fantastic & believable as if it was her main job. She was just something special. First MJ now Whitney…two great legends lost at a young age over drugs. I wish they would’ve ┬ájust remembered how hard it was for them to actually make it to the top, the struggle & effort & time they put into making & how much their fans loved them just to waste their life away on drugs…many wonder in Whitney’s situation if it was Bobby’s fault she was the way she was & her life was a downward spiral. What do you guys think?

Click here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

-Signing off Peace & Love,

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One Response to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/14/12”

  1. Ok, so are we going to see tomorrow’s show? The fuck is going on, Ciph?

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