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What’s good guys? How was your Thanksgiving? Feeling fat like me? Lol I had like 3 Thanksgiving dinners my lawddd. It’s Tuesday so you already know “it was all good just a week ago”, so I’m sure everyone can relate to this, K.Foxx told her friend the truth about this dude & now she’s not talking to her…some people just can’t handle the truth & another college coach (Syracuse) is under investigation for sexual abuse….I mean really? What the hell is going on? I mean can’t people tell when someone is up to no good? ESPECIALLY when it comes to shit like this? I dunno this whole situation is just sad…so so sad…

Click here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

Signing off Peace & Love,
Just Jenn

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/29/11”

  1. Just heard the news RIP Patrice O’Neil

  2. to me it’s his opinion so y are yall gteitng mad cause he thinks its trash. To many people r so sensitive today and the first thing we want call them is haters or they want attention that’s y they say things. in a way he makes a point to 50,game,snoop,or em first albums from dre it doesn’t live up but its still a good album though just not like there first ones.

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