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What up guys? It’s almost Fridayyyyyy!! So people had a lot to say about Drake’s new album Take Care &  whether or not if he’s still Hip Hop or R&B…one won by a landslide. Now while we’re on the subject of R&B, Fabolous broke down the R&Beef he has with some of the singers out there. The story that’s been rocking the sports world is Joe Paterno being fired from his job as head coach at Penn State…because he didn’t report to the police Jerry Sadinsky’s sexual abuse of little boys after someone told him they saw him with their own eyes…so disgusting it really is the whole story…but I’m sure people at their job covers up for one another all the time…maybe not as extreme but you know & if you didn’t hear Pete Rock speaking on his cousin Heavy D’s death we played it again for you today… RIP Heavy D.

Click here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

-Signing off Peace & Love,
Just Jenn

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