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Happy Tuesday world. We have a treat for you guys today, business expert/guru Steve Stoute stopped by & dropped some gems for your listening pleasure today & believe me you want to hear what he has to say. You ever had a moment where you realized you were overweight? We have one…mine was when I was at the doctor’s yesterday when I hopped on the scale SMH…Newlywed Kris Humphries was spotted without a wedding ring on uhhh is Kim okay with that? I mean why wouldn’t he wear it? The ring is a symbol of your love, your bond, your marriage! Men I swear….
I’m sure by now you guys know Ciph, Rosenberg & K.Foxx well but today you get the chance to know our weird producer Jake who looks like a sickly version of Shaggy from Scooby Doo lol. Speaking of K, she got an exclusive piece of news….The Game was at a mall with his son when some dude who he was beefin with over twitter, yes twitter, stepped to him. What did The Game do despite having his kid there? They both fought! I mean…you’re a parent isn’t that embarrassing for your kid? I mean c’mon. And what’s worse he allegedly¬† got “knocked the fuck out” (Smokey voice) lol¬† Unfortunately there are plenty of ppl out there who related this story of watching their parents scrapping with someone.
And lastly today marks the 15th Anniversary of Tupac’s death…so what did we do to honor him? We smoke the homie.

Click Here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

-Signing off Peace & Love,
Just Jenn

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