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What up world? I can’t believe it’s already September. Time sure does fly…next it’ll be Thanksgiving then Christmas & then a New Year sick… Anyway Michael Vick was given another sick contract this time worth $100 million. His come back story is amazing & he was lucky enough to be given a 2nd chance- good thing he did too because some people have messed up their chances. Tupac’s crew The Outlawz confirmed the rumors that they smoked Pac’s ashes uhhhhhh YUCK WTFF, they’re saying he ASKED them to do it lol people sure do have some strange requests when they die.

And we named the Top 5 reasons why Kim Kardashian’s new hubby Kris Humphries is swaglessssssss! What’s worse he was on the same plane as Ray J & Ray J even said wassup LOL you can’t write this stuff man.

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Just Jenn

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/1/11”

  1. K-Foxx… RJay son or tried to son Kris
    Yes, the bigger man thing to do in that situation was not to say nothing…
    I don’t want meet the dude that made my wife famous, because he had a video fuqn my wife… WHY???

  2. We shoulc never complain about FoxNews…
    Because we have our own K.FoxxNews

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