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Alright people K.Foxx is back! And Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy is back tonight too! These group of wild, crazy, entertaining guidos & guidettes are back at it to show us what they’ve been up to in Italia. Unfortunately, there are true Jersey Shoreans (not sure if that’s how you would say it) out in Seaside Heights who can’t stand them OR the show & wanted to tell us how it really goes down at the shore.

I don’t know what’s going on with all of these fast food restaurants but lately they’ve been caught in the middle of ridiculous scandals, remember that lady that tried to sell her baby at Taco Bell? Well there’s this dude that’s pimping tricks (literally) on the side at Dunkin Donuts…SMH people are stupid! And finally, some Republican was going at Barack Obama yet again- calling him a “tar baby”. You might be wondering what that means if you’ve never heard of that phrase before because I definitely have never heard of it & neither has Rosenberg- well not surprisingly there are a lot of other racial terms that he hasn’t heard & you guys did a good job filling him in on some other good ones lol. WARNING: if you are sensitive I suggest you skip through that break LOL.
By the way, today is Obama’s 50th birthday! Happy Bday Mr. President! You don’t LOOK a day over 40.

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 8/4/11”

  1. I fux with your show everyday! That being said, FUCK Usershare! Pleeeease go back to hulkshare. No pop-ups, no waiting, etc.

  2. agreed!!

  3. sad to hear K. Foxx is back but thanks for the posts as always.
    Hulkshare was great.
    I miss Juan Epstein

  4. These usershare are funny style. Mad pop ups and they don’t always work.

  5. Ok, maybe yall can help me. But when I click on USERSHARE, what do I click on to download the show. Every time I click on something its for downloading software. Please help!!! This show gets me thru my day at work.

  6. seriously, ciph, where is hulkshare! I can’t download from this, I need this show to get through work!

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