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Hey people. What’s going on??

So Cipha’s back from Carabana & he had lots & lots of stories to share. There’s this white supremacist that was just given a job as the principal of an all black & latino Catholic School *scratches head* but it got us wondering if maybe super racist people can still have a good heart? Who knows! Jay-Z has been getting hit with drama left & right, first there were talks that him & his amigo Kanye West were fighting over money issues now The Game is dissing him on a record, I mean damn why do peole have issues with Hov? Rap royalty Diggy Simmons talks to us in studio & it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel & you know what that means….we had to find out what people thought of it Urban Surburban style!

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 8/2/11”

  1. is exactly what yall is doin right now, which is over hyinpg something that could be better shyne didnt diss this nigga whatsoever so for yall to be talkin bout shyne is irrelevant nxt on some shit shyne is kinda right on this one. kendrick’s album could of been somethin crazy!! like honestly i thought this album was gonna make section.80 look like trash, but it didn’t, matter a fact section.80 is still kinda better than his new shit .section 80 was well put together, beats and lyrics meshed very well .it was worth buying but this album to me is sub-parr jus cause k dot could of done soo much better he could of atleast put westside right on time and the heart 3 on that bitch

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