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What up world??? How you all living?? Sorry for the delay & tech issues but we’re back on track now. So the white O.J Simpson aka Casey Anthony is officially a free woman but she pretty much has nowhere to go, even this girl’s family doesn’t  want her back home so what’s left for her to do? She’s even thinking about getting plastic surgery to change her identity…basically it’s gotten so bad that she just has  to do all this & just go…move somewhere. People get put into situations like that all the time, haven’t you? Having to relocate because something went down? It just sucks man.
On a lighter note, it’s currently restaurant week in the city with the most eclectic food in the whole world (NYC) so you’re damn right we had to find out urban vs. suburban style what that means to people. Did I ever tell you I LOVE FOOD. Anyway, this white gothic guy was on the train at 4AM when he got beaten up by a bunch of black guys. And get this, there were actually people on the train egging the group of guys on! What kind of sick ass world do we live in? If that were me & I saw that, I would’ve sympathized for the poor guy,  not root for those dudes to beat the hell out of him! Unbelievable…. And finally a Taco Bell employee decided to quit his job by putting the words “F**k You!” in lights because his boss wouldn’t give him a day off.  He sure went out with a bang LOL what a way to quit!

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Just Jenn

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 7/19/11”

  1. righteous

  2. K Foxx just took Rosenberg 2 SCHOOL with that 9thWonder jawnt.. LOL

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