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It’s almost time for the holiday weekend & I am so so ready are you??? We’re almost there people just one day away! So the strangest ish happened at an airport, a TSA agent made a 95 year old woman in a wheelchair take off her adult diaper (barf) so they can check her..what kind of wierdo nonsense is that??! We had to ask a TSA agent if doing that was really procedure or just someone’s idea of a joke. 4th of July is a couple of days away so let’s break out the beer, bbqs and fireworks…at least that’s what MY plans are but it all differs when you live in the suburbs than an urban area. Maino helped us pop off the holiday literally and Tyrese stopped by the show today & when I tell you we put him on the spot…wheww! He   answered the rumors about him & our very own K.Foxx and boy did it get hot in the studio! Somebody bring an extinguisher! Lol Even Ciphas good friend comedian Brooklyn Mike was able to analyze the situation between them too. We actually asked Tyrese  a lot so you’re just going to have to listen to the show to hear what else was said. Yes, I’m leaving you guys with a cliffhanger!

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Signing off Peace & Love,

Just Jenn

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