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Happy Thursday guys. It’s almost Friday so I know you’re excited for the end of the work week.. We had so many dope topics today I don’t even know where to start. That flick Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz is coming out tomorrow & it looks hysterical! Even though we’ve all never had a teacher THAT bad I’m sure we had some that were close to her. I remember my 4th grade teach Ms. Feinstein use too strong arm all the kids, glare at us with her icy blues eyes & scream like a madwoman. She looked a lot like Ursula from The Little Mermaid (google it for a visual) & her breathe always smelled like tuna. *shivers*

A couple of A-list actors are in trouble for doing some illegal gambling, betting $100,000 at a time! That’s a whole lot of money & whole lot gambling but sometimes placing bets isn’t a good thing. I have great news for all my black & latinos out there… the numbers are in…this is fact…you guys are officially the majority in the U.S. Yes white folks fall back! And if you need an official summer anthem to get you started and put you in the mood we have a new hit record that your gonna blast all through the summer! Here’s a hint: it’s a take on one of my favorite movies. ¬†School’s out, ¬†summer’s here… summer loving!

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Just Jenn

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One Response to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/23/11”

  1. Aaaargggghhhh!!!!!! K-Foxx is on fire today… I commend your patience.. ME!! I would’ve snapped loooooooong ago… My brain literally hurts every time she speaks.. instant headache, when she tries to get serious… Trauma, when she’s on that black ish… Fight the power.. gagg her.

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