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What up world??  Today’s show was jam packed! Cipha blessed the youth with his morning edutainment courtesy of a Dead Prez record, we had Renee Graziano one of the mob wives from the VH1 reality show on with us. She definitely revealed some things about herself that no one knew and even divulged a little info about the friendship between the girls on the show butt how about this one she’s linked to our very own Angie Martinez…small world!
Today is the first day of summer so we had to ask what our listener’s summer plans were…urban vs. suburban style of course! We also discussed this BK  shooting where an older man punched a teenager because him and his friends were causing a ruckus outside on his stoop; smashing car windows, being loud..basically being bad ass kids. The story actually gets worse so you can look that up yourself but in the mean time between time we couldn’t help but wonder what the appropriate age is for an adult to punch, fight or smack a kid LOL. Hey listen there are a lot of 12 year olds out there that can hurt somebody twice their age TRUST I’ve seen lol  And lastly we got to know Detroit rapper Big Sean of Good Music a little better when he stopped by the show. He talked about how he got Kanye to listen to him when he first started in the game, he also mentioned females coming out in full force and even kicked a freestyle. Did I give away too much??? I hope not but it was a fun filled day!

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-Just Jenn

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One Response to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/21/11”

  1. YAO! REWIND SELECTA @ 11:15… ???? what u guys doin over dere…

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