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What up world?? It’s ya favorite homegirl Jenn From Bklyn. Memorial Day weekend is almost here ladies & gents I hope you get those bbq’s going & especially the drinking! NO DRIVING though please. =)

But before you think about the holiday weekend and all the food you’ll be eating, download the show because it was rocking today. We had the lovely Miss Info fill in for K.Foxx since she’s in the Dominican Republic sipping on mojitos or what have you lol so shouts to Miss Info for doing the Flashing Lights Report/Celebrity Drama.

Everyone has haters in way or the other, most of us would ignore it and keep it moving but not in this case. There’s a new show coming out called H8R where celebs get to confront their haters…a genius idea I’d say, so we tried this method out & played a game called “28 to Hate” where we let Cipha & Rosenberg confront their haters for Summer Jam tickets and let me tell ya the phone lines were on fire!!  I don’t know why, don’t you all love us?? =)  There was also a discussion about Amber Rose after Info got the exclusive interview from in Vibes Magazine about her. Amber’s spilling the beans about Kanye, Reggie Bush and how she came up from her stripped days, can’t be mad at the girl for doing her thing now can we? And you’ve probably heard by now but Kim Kardashian is engaged to her boyfriend of six months NJ Nets player Kris Humphries. Ummmm the Kardashian family sure loves athletes and loves marrying their boyfriends who they’ve only been with for less than a year  but hey who am I to say? I mean to me she can do wayyy better. Do you have a friend who’s marrying someone you know is no good for them? Maybe because she’s a hoe or he’s a straight up loser, either way we gave the opportunity to some unhappy friends out there who wanted to air these fiances out. Here’s some advice though…if you’re someone in this position I suggest you tell your friend how you feel before they make a mistake that’ll ruin their lives forever. Don’t be afraid to tell them. They’ll thank you later.

Click here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

Signing off Peace & Love,


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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/26/11”

  1. miss info is the queen
    dope show ciph!

  2. GoodLoox for doin Ciph’s dirty work, Jen.haha. Amber’s dope… much rather see a pic of you up there, tho. Creep?…yeeeeah. haha

  3. i know that the marketing is all about “BPJ”, but miss info is just a way better fit with Ciph & Rosenberg. She’s funny, informative (duh), and not a killjoy that kay foxx can be some(a lot of)times. no disrespect.

  4. With all due disrespect, Kay Foxx is the reason I don’t listen to the show some days. She’s definitely a killjoy, not very good at reading news, uninformed and stubborn.
    Thanks Jen!

  5. I would kill on the 28 to hate if Kay Foxx was there but maybe that’s why you’re doing it while she’s away, the phone lines would be flooded.

  6. that walk on music on 28 to hate was dope, but can you switch it on 45? so i can dance to it?

    Missinfo sounds great with you guys, I would call from Cali if i could hate on Carmen.

    …just sayin.

  7. You guys are so mean…honest but mean lol. And your welcome!

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