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You know K.Foxx is out in the Dominican Republic trying to be dominican, drinkin, having the time of her life so I had my girl Laura Stylez from the Heavyhitters and new member of the HOT97 fam fill in for her. Thanks Laura!

He Said: his girl should stop complaining about their sex life he’s trying but She Said: she needs to be satisfied or she’s out, now that Oprah’s gone who will white ladies turn to now? She will definitely be missed we know this for a fact after talking to a die hard Oprah man fan and sometimes you gotta fight the power even if the powers are cops. Some might say fuck the police but I say you abide by the rules, keep shit smooth & they can’t do nothing to you.

Shouts to all the people that came through to my Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series last night. Thanks to all the comedians for showing support, next month we do it again.

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-Cipha Sounds

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/25/11”

  1. This link is bad… anyone else?

  2. qblackman, it works, they just forgot to include the “.mp3″ in the filename

  3. this yall would be so hype and talkin bout how real he is.i’m glad kecdnirk is smart enough to just keep moving forward and not let niggas get a name off of them. he cant think the album is trash thats all good, but nobody asked for your opinion. what album did he like, did he like dmx album or busta rhymes album, or watch the throne, or nicki minaj? if u in the business of giving your opinions on albums the give them on all of them.

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