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What up world??? It’s Jenn From Brooklyn. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend, summer’s almost here & Summer Jam 2011 is right around the corner. I hope you guys bought your tickets because you’re gonna miss out if you didn’t.. take some advice from ya girl ;)

So you know Ahhnnold’s been in the news lately for this love child he has with the family maid who we like to call “Mildred The Maid”, well more has come out about Mildred including her saying she hates being spanish. To be honest, there are a lot of folks out there who wish they were another race…maybe it would make it their lives easier or better who knows but all I know is I wouldn’t wanna be nothing else but Asian…..okay I’m lying maybe Jewish so then I can be in a family who’s connected to someone who’s connected to someone who’s rich lol. And did you know can judge someone’s character by their ring tone? Yes it’s true! Lastly, Oprah’s last shows EVER are this week. So sad to see the big O go…I feel worse for the white ladies thought who are they gonna turn to now for guidance & entertainment? I mean she is pretty much the only black woman they’ll accept & respect, what are they gonna do? They can either go search for their new B.F.F (black friend forever) OR they can just call up a service at 1 800 Rent A N—A.

By the way everyone welcome back Rosenberg he had a very hard week coping with his brother in law’s death…love is love, appreciate what you have because it can be gone in a split second… And please guys do not drink & drive! I know we all know someone who does it…I myself am guilty of it’s just not worth losing someone’s life or YOUR life over..

RIP Spencer Datt you’re in our prayers..

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Signing off Peace & Love


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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/24/11”

  1. cake soap.

    that is all.

  2. We have a child who would be in the prospective class enetnirg in the fall of 2013. Earlier today I sent the L.A. Times article to my husband with the comment they are trying to blackmail voters into a tax hike. I don’t understand how they can legally threaten to basically shut down, as far as not enetnirg an entire new class of students. This makes me very glad our current college student is attending college at an Arizona state university, NAU. It’s not as low budget as Cal State, but thanks to the WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) it’s relatively do-able, especially as his tuition amount is guaranteed frozen for all four years and his room & board is frozen for two years. We figured with all the uncertainty and likely price hikes for the Cal State system, Flagstaff made a lot more sense. There are a *lot* of CA students there!Best wishes,Laura

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