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Friday vibes is in full effect!

Summer Jam is only a couple of weeks away everyone’s gonna be gracing the stage including the Boss Rick Ross who showed us love on the show today, the end of the world is said to be tomorrow so we had to ask listeners  what they would do & who they would screw if they had 24 hours to live; people really do believe the world is gonna end tomorrow, we had Showdown with yours truly.. I will not lose!! And we had some funny comedians in the studio today my girl Anjelah Johnson stopped by and also Bill Burr who was nice enough to help us with things white people don’t care about.

Bill Burr will be at Caroline’s all weekend so go check my boy out!

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Click here to listen and download: HULKSHARE

-Cipha Sounds

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One Response to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/20/11”

  1. Recycled material… Either I have listened too much… or your slipping.. probably a bit of both.

    I like my free entertainment fresh & original, hahaa.

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