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Yo salute to all the former Presidents on this President’s Day. Its good to know about your country’s history so read up on them or listen here because we dedicated today to the dead prez’, black history month is ending soon so you know we have moments for you, there’s a scary connection between Lincoln and JFK, things black people don’t care about and I drop some gems about past Presidents that no one knows about.

Yo don’t forget tomorrow Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series is at its new home at Carolines on Broadway. Go cop your tickets now!

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-Cipha Sounds

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/21/11”

  1. Surprised Russian-Americans didn’t Protest Rosenberg’s Disrespectful insinuation that the Prokhorov is Mob affiliated… LOL

  2. u guys notice that lil Wayne calls his daddy GAY in that C.Breasy jawnt?


  3. teen nude photos…

    [...]CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/21/11 « DON'T GET GASSED[...]…

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