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Yo its official my boy Ricky Blaze from Brooklyn is doing big things. Trust me this is just the start of a very big movement. Check out the video “Just You & I”.

-Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “RICKY BLAZE: JUST YOU AND I”

  1. Yo I HATE this f’ing song (Ricky Blaze). Probably because you’ve played it every few seconds for the last 6 months or so.

    Thanks for posting the shows Ciph

  2. cosign q. People hear music enough times they start thinking it’s good. With all due respect, terrible song but thanks for the shows.
    Did Rosenberg get a chance to have another awkward video moment with Kanye? Juan Ep?

  3. Co-Sign, I can’t stand this song, he sounds like he’s whining. Not hating at all, but BK All Day, this song is the worst of its riddin. The radio “LORDS” force us to like this song cause they need a reggae hit and its the cleanest

  4. i hear all the cats that CANT sing.. SINGING this song… what’s that tell ya?

    props on his hustle tho. he got you spinnin him more than any other NYC station.

  5. J-Sneeze responds to Hammer:

    why does DJ Semtex sound like RZA (or vice versa)

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