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People have been wylin out ever since I said Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest female rappers of all time so we give people 20 seconds to tell us who’s better than her, things black people don’t care about, our girl Jazzy Joyce came through to talk about her new BET reality show, becomin your parent, we get a special call in from Congressman John Lewis to let you all know that you must go out and vote and everyone has a friend that’s always mad extra when it comes to their birthdays.. And ours is K.Foxx.

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-Cipha Sounds

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19 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/2/10”

  1. Ciph. PLEASE. Jean Grae > Nicki Minarbage

    do your homework SON.

  2. ugh kfoxx is back….i swear all her flashing lights reports are straight from and other sites…

  3. K-Foxx gives me more reasons to hate her which each passing episode…. First she Hated Rosenberg Dissing Nicki NOW this Bitch has problems with Nicki & she’s arguing with Rosenberg that Nicki isn’t the shit.. Getthefuckouttaherrrrrrre!!!! At least she admitted flip flopping.. Fuck Her!!!

  4. Ciph & rosenberg are buggin.You know Kanye is the Hottest in the game right now.. 1st. You can’t say Nikki is hotter if KANYE helped her on HIS track. 2nd. Kanye is bodying every hot song out right now, he gets spins all day long on many different genres of radio stations. 3rd. From Monster “I’m bout to take it to another level bitch, there you go again, aint nobody as cold as this do the rap and the track triple double no assist but my only focus is staying on some bogus shit”.
    Sorry Nikki is hot but Kanye got the game right now.

  5. i wish someone would have called in and said Joell Ortiz… he is the best MC in the game right now.


  6. man_amazin has the most logical argument..
    You are on point.. I was riding the Ciph, until I read your comment..

    But.. come on… the rest of ya’ll can’t say Nicki isn’t on fyah right now.. Even if she is not the #1..
    Yeah this might be her 10 minutes of fame… but FUQ!!!.. let her shine.. SHYT!!!..
    The chick from NY.. FUQ!! ya’ll should be showing her nothing but LOVE… and make sure becomes and stay the hottest female in the game for as long as possible (right now she is the only one)
    Same chyt happen to 50ยข.. Happen to her.. cats from outside NY, had to put her on.. for her to get love… **SMH**

  7. Now.. that I think about it…
    It’s best that cats outside the Tri-State put her on…
    Major players in NY would have stifled her growth…
    All you would hear is “take, that, take, that”.. d^ddy.. BB Baby..

  8. J-Sneeze responds to Hammer:

    why does DJ Semtex sound like RZA (or vice versa)

  9. she’s definitely not “the greatest” chick. in my opinion that would go to foxy. she “used to” hold her own against the likes of nas, jay and you cant disregard the verse on “who shot ya”.

  10. jean grae, best female mc. joell ortiz, best mc in the game right now.
    bean, anything good that you heard foxy spit was not written by her.

    • i never believed that fox didnt write her own shit. she was signed to def jam at 16, so she had to have had some spit…plus she didnt really come in the game with a crew. the firm shit was after her first solo.

      and on another note, ciph, most be getting some payola for calling that broad the best “ever”!

  11. Co-sign Peekay J&J are my faves right now, not on a male/female thing. cuz honestly an EMCEE is an EMCEE is an EMCEE.

    Joell or Jean both DESTROY Niki lyrically. but Niki will always get the Pop vote. cuz CUSTOMERS are COMSUMERS of wack ISH……i don’t listen to Ciphenberg for the music anyway. *bleah*

  12. hurry up change the subject, do you realize we hare having a real conversation on Hip Hop skill? this site may crash.

  13. i have love for a lot of female emcees, but lets not forget about

    mc lyte. she held her own against the likes of rakim, big daddy kane,

    LL, slick rick, etc. she set the tone for a lot of emcees & not just

    for females, because she was definitely better than a lot of male

    emcees during her time. lyte, lauryn, foxy & kim all had their

    moment, now it’s nikki’s time to shine.

  14. again 100% agree Turtles, i was not speaking “all time” i was only referring to the best i see right now. there is plenty of comp for Niki but she is what she is.

    for those who have not heard, you would be wise to peep other (better) female MC’s

    – Tye Phoenix
    – Invincible
    – Jean Grey
    – Eternity (and moss)

    that’s a good start.

  15. jean grae and eternity (even rah digga and heather b) are dope female mc’s who dropped music this year, but the argument is who is the hottest female mc NOW…

    nicki minaj may not drop as many consistent, dope verses as the best male mc (i.e., Joell Ortiz), but no other female MC has come correct as much as Nicki this year

    seriously, not one female mc will be able to outshine nicki’s verse on the “hello, good morning” remix for a few years. i’m not a fan, but that verse was on some busta scenario remix ish.


  16. ib2quik2c, you are comparing lyrical abilities with POP marketability Nicki’s HOT… just right now, but i’ll change the dial if Rah Digga is on the other station.

    Peace 2 u 2.

  17. ^ True. But that was the argument on the show… “Who is the hottest rapper of the moment?” I agree that Nicki is the hottest female rapper, but i still believe Joell, Drake, and even Kanye are better/hotter (pause) MCs at this very moment.

    Nicki has better flow than Rah Digga, but she isn’t in the same league lyrically.

    And what’s the deal with Ciph still asking people to prove his theory wrong, when you have 17 responses making valid arguments doing just that?

    Peace to all.

  18. That’s waht K-Foxx looks like, My God, I had no idea, Props to you shorty

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