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Everyone’s been makin a fuss about Halloween but there are some out there who hate it.. LIKE ME!  He Says he’s not ready to leave his mom but she says she’s pregnant and its time stop bein a momma’s boy, comedian Tom Green came by and talked heart to heart about his testicular cancer, we diggin into the Ex Files: The Sweethearts aka the ones everyone loved, Showdown with Cipha Sounds: Halloween Edition courtesy of NBC and we talk to the craziest, most dangerous and vicious gang in NYC.. Taxi cab drivers.

Make sure you go check out Tom Green this weekend at Comix Friday & Saturday @ 7:30pm & 10pm. He’s a good dude.. Plus ill be there so come show some love!!

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- Cipha Sounds

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13 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/28/10”

  1. I mean no disrespect to Kay Foxx, but Miss Info should be a permanent member of the show.


  2. i agree. once her contract is up, miss info should take her spot.

    she’s open minded and her news isn’t all about black people. i’m

    not trying to sound racist, i’m just saying. at the same time i

    understand she is on the show to provoke, which is good for radio

    and entertainment. but k foxx has to go!!! good look on the juan

    ep. with tom green.

  3. i say add miss info to the roster and make it a full morning show.. hot wont do that though to scared

  4. Miss Info is such a better co-host then Kfoxx. No disrespect intended.

  5. The issue I have with K Foxx is that she reports false information, or she simply reads information from unreliable websites and attempts to pass it as factual. Many times Cipha or PR will ask follow-up questions about the story, and K Foxx will not be able to respond because she just mails in her segment.

    At least Miss Info is competent and can coherently report a news story. But then again, it is just a gossip report.

    I still enjoy the show, it helps me pass an hour at work; but I think the quality of the show has declined since you guys first went on the air. It seems like you pander more to relationships and race relations because some higher up is telling you that it will boost ratings. I miss the old format where you guys told entertaining stories and antidotes… remember GOAT Tuesdays, Video Vato, etc.? Even the various theme songs from Stan Ipcus and Daytona were dropped.


  6. hot 97s thought are just to segway to the next ADVERTISEMENT or song… so… yeah thats all i got

  7. No disrespect to K Foxx? Seriously? I mean no disrespect to anyone that says that, but she’s an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about hip hop. Remember when she couldn’t name ONE track off Illmatic? Right, yet she’s a dj on a hip hop station. Her jokes are corny, her delivery is remedial and she has NO CLUE about what she’s talking about on 89% of the topics discussed. She snaps for no reason, she prolongs “jokes” until they’re tired and become exhausted, and she sounds like she’s being fed the news through a head set from a 4th grader who’s reading it out of The Onion. Sometimes I feel like she’s on the show for the indirect yet obvious “this b*tch is dumb” inside joke, for the listeners AND some of the staff – I find her so bad that it can only be on purpose at this point. I can’t imagine her having any other fan base but that of a young misinformed female who still holds the racist-torch to light her path, like herself. Her insecurities and hate are the last thing I want to hear in the morning when I’m gettin ready for work. That b*tch needs a hug and a shrink… and smack upside her head. And in related news, WHY must almost every radio show feel the need to bring in a chick? I think the show’s fine with Cipha and PR. They’re hilarious together.

  8. ^^ The show was dope with that girl NJ.

    I guess the lesson to take home here is BRING BACK JEWY, LUIS, AND THE NEWS and drop the flashing lights report.


  9. So a Black, Puerto Rican, & a Jew walk into a bar, and have a meaningful conversation on race relations.

  10. The imperfections that occur while striving perfection are what make the show entertaining. Rosenberg F’s up just as much as k foxx though in diff ways. Lateness, not having his news ready, irrelevant stories… Ciph can be overly sensitive. Even Shaunie f’s up on the boards. Rosenberg talks crazy sometimes. And yes Foxx is mad bias if not racist. All of that makes for a pretty entertaining and unpredictable show. They sound like real people to me. Not ur generic radio guys

  11. That’s why I get nervous when I go on vacation…
    Don’t want someone else to do my job, better than I..

    But on the real… Foxx.. I would be nervous. right now :)

    I think PR and Foxx.. are really lovers on the low…:)
    They fight too much over bulls-hit…

  12. Thanks for the shows, Ciph. This week was most enjoyable without K Foxx.

  13. i disagree with all the bad talk about kfoxx, no disrespect to miss info but there is a space for everyone miss info is good with her celebrtity drama but kfoxx is perfect for the morning show so keep doing your thing kayfoxx,.

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