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He Says he loves his moms too much to leave her alone but She Says they’re about to have a baby and he needs to stop being a mama’s boy and move out, we get a female point of view on their boyfriends chokin their chicken. Halloween is comin up and ladies you know you’re gonna rock some slutty costumes regardless of what your man thinks about it and trust me they all nervous.

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- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/27/10”

  1. the dude from he said she said sounds like dave from juan ep 23, dude whos daughter ran away lol

  2. i thought i wasn’t feeling k-foxx flashing lights report.. this chick sunny sux.. don’t ever put her bootleg phone calls on the show again



    ciph give someone a password who has nothing to me lol so u can post on this blog

  4. Thanks Ciph/ Juan Ep!

  5. It was great having Miss Info doing the news!

  6. @ glasses. I see why Ciph doesn’t post all of the Juan eps. The ones not on this blog usually suck!

  7. lol u have a great point.. dam ciph u need to address us your getting shitted on alot.. but none the less im still a huge fan and u have/had an impact on my boring ass life so thank you

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