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He Said his girl flushed all his weed down the toilet and doesn’t know if he should dump her but she says she didn’t even know he had weed in the crib, things black people don’t care about, Rosenberg gets the black hair break down, Black Girl’s Court: I Love My Hair Song and we got Lil Jon to do this the correct way and ┬ámade a remix for the dopest beat ever.. the Sesame Street theme song. Yeahhhhhhh. Whatttttttt. Nigggggaaaaaaaa.

Thanks to everyone that came to the 3 Year Anniversary Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series Show yesterday. Thanks to all the comedians and to Funk Flex for DJing last night. I appreciate all the love and if you wasn’t there you missed out. It was a zoo!!!!

Click here to listen and download: ZSHARE

- Cipha Sounds

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/20/10”

  1. your downloads to the show never work

  2. They work for me..

    Thanks Cipha

  3. K-Foxx’s makes me sick!!!!!


    Sesame Street Whinge = Typical KFoxx Bullshit… Sesame st try an do something nice for little black girls everywhere & she’s not feeling it.. Big surprise. Whinging about the puppets hair… Wow.. An the other muppets look sooo normal. What a fucking cunt this woman is… Just a awful human.

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