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Caribana is this weekend! T.O get ready ima shut that shit down!

Beyonce gets caught texting while drivin, black folks are in denial about gays within their own race, Rosenberg gets quizzed on hip hop fashion, Instant Survey: Are black people still ridin with President Obama and have you ever found out somethin crazy about your ex after you broke up with them? We dig into The EX Files.

Click here to listen and download: ZSHARE

- Cipha Sounds

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 7/29/10”

  1. Don’t forget Eddie Murphy was caught with a transsexual in his car…yeah, “I was giving her a ride home.” Sure, Eddie…

    And let me add that the way callers responded to Rosenberg’s Biggie rhyme quote is proof that a lot of Black people are indeed homophobic.

    Well, you all need to pay a little closer attention to the choir director at church…they might be suspect…DUECES!!!

  2. HA! Sounds like Mr. Rosenberg was phone jacked by Carmen.

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