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Fresh off the weekend let’s get this work week poppin! Wake up NYC.

The Young Money crew won big at the BET Awards you know Lil Wayne is havin a ball in Rikers, things black people don’t care about, the top 5 funniest things that have happened since Michael Jackson’s death, we have BET Awards 2010 highlights, we have TNA wrestlers Velvet Sky and J-Lethal in the buildin with a surprise smackdown and Chris Brown did his thing at the BET Awards last night I’m not gonna lie but the cryin at the end? STAGED or in better words a coward.

Click here to listen and download: ZSHARE

- Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/28/10”

  1. Rosenberg deserved to get slapped. How are you going to invite somebody on to your show and disrespect them like that? Nobody’s justified in laying a hand on anybody else, but he was super disrespectful and consistently flies off at the mouth as if there won’t be consequences. Got bitch-slapped just like a bitch.

    No disrespect.

  2. Mateo is a rehtard. I guess you don’t know what a angle is huh?…

  3. Where is tuesdays show???? Please put it up, I’m lost at work without it

  4. yo ciph you been falling off so hard w/ posting the morning show.. i can’t listen to all that bs in the morning full, i need to skip over all the repeat songs so i look forward to these posts.. But you slacking like you on some rosenberg shit.. that wrestler chick should smack you

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