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23 Responses to “FUNK MASTER FLEX CAR SHOW: JUNE 26”

  1. Please notify me with follow ups… thanks

  2. how much is it to get in to see the car show in edison

  3. where the hell u get tickets, u have everything else but no infro where th get tickets.

  4. where do we buy the tickets, how much are they,what time does it start???…we need more info, all you are telling us is who’s going to be there.

  5. My children, 23, 19 & 14 would like to attend the show with us this year. Will the 14 year be admitted in? Please let me know as it would kill one if the other two went. Thanks

  6. Go to and you can buy tickets there. All ages event.

  7. I tried that web site and it didnt work. where can we find tickets and the time of this show?

  8. Where do we get tickets ?

  9. where do i purchase tickets.

  10. were do i purchess tickets

  11. I’m looking to register my ETV Estra Terestrial Vehicle. I have tried a few times and Roberto’s mailbox is full. Please respond and let me know if the car registration is full. My vehicle an be seen on UTube under ETV or Extra Terestrial Vehicle. I will be checking my email today. Thank you, Bill Boggiano

  12. send me nice pics of your car show

  13. Where do you buy tickets?

  14. where can i get tickets.

  15. are birds going to be there?

  16. where do u get the tickets from

  17. how do I be a model for the show?

  18. I am 5foot 2 weigh 120ibs and im french and asian>>>hottt …please let me know

  19. i was wondering how do you become an car show model for your event…thanks

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