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Happy Friday!

Drakes gettin flack for wifing up a stripper so we help the kid out by findin out the good things about datin a stripper, got a new letter to Lil Wayne, Showdown with Cipha Sounds, Solar speaks up about all the allegations surroundin him and Guru and Lauren London says that Lil Wayne’s a good father even though he’s locked up but is she sayin that only because he’s givin her that young money???? Does givin money make you a good father??

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- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 4/23/10”

  1. great week without k foxx. she’s cool de la,

    but i rather you & rosenberg. peace.

  2. k foxx was gone. no wooonder i enjoyed the show so much

  3. Great week of shows without K-Foxx…..This is how it should be just You and Rosenberg without some hole in the studio blabbing on the 3rd mic….

    Don’t understand why programming directors feel like the formula for a successful radio show must include a female personality.

  4. No K. Foxx fuck what the advertisers say…Shout out ot Juan Ep

    Is Rico a homo for doing that Carmen voice? Im just saying

  5. K foxx is cool and everything but the show has been better. Where’s video vato?

  6. Great week of shows. Loved not having to hear a certain someone stumbling over every sentence.

  7. she type bad tho

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