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Its Spring time!!! Peace the fuck out winter; it’s only right we blast off the week with a quiz in Spring and Tings, discussed a moment in history with the healthcare bill bein passed yesterday, things black people don’t care about, Sandra Bullock’s husband’s sidepiece is a Nazi follower so we asked the ladies if they ¬†would ever date a racist. One girl called up talkin crazy so you know our redneck Jedidiah had to put her in check, what Walmart should’ve been sayin over the PA system ¬†and yes Rosenberg is alive, back and well that fat fuck. We were worried!

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- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/22/10”

  1. was there a fourth wizards episode?

  2. yeah
    good question mr.glasses
    maybe they waiting for the MTV2 response before they put it out


  3. I really like The Wizards, but if it comes b/w Juan Epstein, I’m slapping everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What son what????????!!!!!!!

    Anybody can get it!!!! I just came home from prison, I’d love to go back!!! Matter of fact, I left something in prison and I need to go back and get it. Don’t make me do it son.

  4. there are some classic moments on this one..

    “Is this John Denver or John Mayer” – KFoxx

  5. “Swatch-sticker.” Wow, she’s special.

  6. i love her!!
    she says what every girl think when those men go off

  7. Re: WIZARDS
    Ciph says they only done 3 episodes but they working on more.

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