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Where in the world is ROSENBERG????? Rosenberg was missin all mornin. Yo we called him and left a voicemail, even called his brother, his pops, his moms!

Besides that, Tiger Woods calls up to talk about him comin back to golf and proves he’s not a robot, re-aired the craziness that popped off yesterday during He Said She Said where some guy’s moms is always in the couple’s business, U.S Census calls to a Black, Puerto Rican and a Jewish home, ¬†Shani spits the truth about Precious aka Gabourey Sidibe, racist or not racist stories in the news and someone finally said they spotted Rosenberg leavin Central Bookings. WHAT THE FUCK? Where is he?! If any of you see a bald fat Jew roaming the streets or on a park bench let us know!!

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- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/18/10”

  1. is he not at sxsw? is this not an elaborate ploy to fill airtime?!

  2. oh it is….damn shame….thought you guys were better than this

  3. yeah … I’m pretty sure he’s at sxsw …

  4. do you notice the last juan ep was a chrstmas special

  5. i’m sorry, this shit was funny. i imagine peter should’ve been in the station that MORNING, then go to SXSW that afternoon. who knows. i laughed.

  6. not to sound like a fanboi, i just happen to peep Rosenberg’s Jewstream video yesterday, they started to plan the “missing rosenberg” yesterday, then when Rosenberg realizes they are broadcasting it, he mutes the rest of the broadcast..

  7. LOL ah – that’s even funnier IMO

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