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As if Rosenberg wasn’t weird enough he actually tried to join some sort of cult a long time ago and the guy in charge of it contacted him after all these years, Lil Wayne’s goin to Rikers so we ask former inmates  who’ve been locked up there to give him advice, Tiger Woods’ press conference outtakes, we play marriage ref in a he said she said with a couple who’s havin trust issues because her man’s in the rap game, in the case of Michael Mineo and the cops bein acquitted we know everyone’s upset at the poelice right now but we say LOVE THE POELICE and Wizards of NYC premieres TONITE featuring yours truly, DJ Camilo and DJ Enuff on HOT97TV at 8PM so make sure you check it out!!

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- Cipha Sounds

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16 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/24/10”

  1. latarian milton is gonna be on tosh.0 tonite. that kid got even fatter (more fat?)

  2. been lookin foward to that wizards show, thanks for the up

  3. I think that’s the longest sentence I’ve ever read. Thanks for the post.

  4. you all re-aired my favorite carmen skit… for those carmen haters, peep 01:03:40… hilarious


  5. Advice for lil weezy:

    Make sure you have a clean pair of underwear.

  6. yoo wut up wit semra im a fat ugly 19 yr old pr from the suburbs who enjoys juan epstein. aka a catch

  7. wizards shit is dope….do u even read comments?

  8. Great job on the Wizards, your segments were def the best. And it was funny, other than the tax evasion.

  9. I dont understand how b.e.t can run re runs of one on one and the game and not put this show on cable, even tiny has a reality show?

  10. testing

  11. lmfao at rosenberg admiting he wants to see vicks manhood!!!

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    • It’s a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

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  12. what was funnier was Ciph tellin k foxx nah chill let him say it… let him say what hes gonna say hahaha…. RIP JUAN EP

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