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It’s almost Fridayyyy!!!! Yess!!!

Jay Electronica disses NYC, discussed restraining orders, Shani Kulture spits the truth about black people in the Winter Olympics, reasons why there aren’t any black people in the Winter Olympics, moments in black history, K.Foxx and Rosenberg go at it about Kanye West and we had the beautiful Melanie Fiona in the buildin to weigh in on Kanye, Tiger Woods calls into the show right before his press conference tomorrow and comedian Tom Greene was here and even kicked a freestyle. EXCLUSIVE only on the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show!

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- Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/18/20”

  1. I haven’t heard today’s show yet but I’m interested in hearing what Shani Kulture has to say about the lack of black folks in the Winter Olympics. Surely he knows about African-American Shani Davis, the defending Olympic gold medalist in 1000 metre speed skating.

  2. Rosenberg’s hip-hop pass is suspended til he sees the last dragon. I’m bout to watch that shit right now. Classic!

  3. tom green’s freestyle was terrible

  4. Canadian Classic – Organized Rhyme (Tom Green) – Check the OR

  5. Ciphenberg, Ease Back on the Jay Electronica Shock-Jockism-ness and Drop that Juan Epitriconica 4 reals (with an s on the end)

  6. Ciphenberg, you know that them songs ain’t hot. They never have been, never will be.

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