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Hey its Ash Wedsnesday. Is everyone in church?

Rico and his wife were on the line talkin bout how she found condoms that he left in her car so we ask the listeners if he should get a pass or not,Jay Electronica disses NYC and explains why, adult films are messin up people’s lives, moments in black history and first John Mayer said some reckless shit now Kanye comes out sayin some racial shit too!

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- Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/17/10”

  1. men who don’t want to have sex with their girl/wife and rather watch

    porn are called procrasturbators. that’s rosenberg all day.

  2. whut up Ciph, any word on the neXt Juan ep, episode ?

  3. ‘cuz it’s fun… fun 2 do bad things….

    oh lawd. a lil Tari update

  4. Gotta DVR that judge judy how lmao… “I yanked it!”

  5. Haha Milk that 15 minutes Tari!

    Ciph did Rosenberg give you the money for the Wii yet?

  6. Ciph said he’d never talk about it. I think Rosenberg tried to give him the money and Ciph said forget it, but Ciph bought Tari the Wii.

    ANYWAYS, i bet rico was in heaven – they were beefin about the condoms in the car, and in the middle of it they did a carmen call lol

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