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It’s Fat Tuesday and Rosenberg’s deadline is gettin closer, we got more Valentine’s Day disaster calls, moments in black history, the Red Cross are havin issues with the Haiti relief, what married folks found out about their spouse AFTER they got married, Black Girls Court: Nas dissin Kelis on a record , what’s worse findin out your man is cheatin or findin out he has a seed and the talented Jay Electronica came by the studio and was grilled about why he was dissin NYC in his Exhibit C record.

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- Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/16/10”

  1. another day another great show


  3. please tell me you did a juan ep with jay eletronica

  4. Jay Elec Juan ep… Word!!

  5. yo i listen 2 u every mornin my dude i even got my arabic boss listein now LOL… yo what happen to DO U KNOW?? i miss that at 7 AM… also i got a good topic 4 tha show… what race has more steriotypes.. im puertorican and i think its us… knife in tha pocket, rice and beans with everything, chicks preganate at 15, u get me… yo stay reppin my dude ya get my day goin in tha morninz…

  6. […] DGG […]

  7. Funny show today, but I gotta question, whatever happened to Wax On Wednesday? I know you mad busy, but I was loving that. Any possible way you can post Big Pun – Toe To Toe with all the Mobb Deep Instrumentals? Thanx in advance Ciph


  8. Rosenberg, right on time with “it’s that dirty snowy” … micro-moment of brilliance.

    Nas…. smartenupnas

    Jay E. is tha TRUTH, WHERE U @ SHANI?
    CIPHENBERG: if I don’t see a Jay Elec Juan Ep. Im audi 5000.

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