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It’s that Fat Tuesday!

Let’s see if Rosenberg continues to lose his weight or lose his girl to K.Foxx’s goons, Jedidiah has some words about the Jets, Black Girls Court: is the woman puttin the married man she was messin with on blast on billboards justified? Sidepieces’ greatest gifts, we have new Tiger Woods details and you know the guy had to call in to clear things up, why black men don’t date black women and a mother made her son kill a hamster with a hammer because he got bad grades?! Is this the type of punishment we doin now?

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- Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/26/10”

  1. i dont like mainos remix of the a keys song much prefer J ORTIZ..thanks for the up

  2. i belive the joell ortiz statements were about a 2008 story.. i believe.. i dunnoand its ti or wayne

  3. I think ortiz was talkin bout jeezy

  4. I’ll start by saying I truly enjoy your morning show with Rosenberg and K Foxx. I was listening when you guys were talking about disciplining children, anywho Cipha you spoke about your mother beating you for stealing. Now, as you know quite a lot of people tune into your show and some bad @$$ kid probably heard about your VW club/gang/crew whatever and decided “hey let me start my own.” Well, I guessing this happened b/c yesterday the VW emblem got stolen form the front of my car, smh. So, I was wondering do you have any extra VW emblems from your hoodlum dayz.

    All in good fun ;)

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