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Our redneck hillbilly Jedidiah gets into it with a listener over what he said about President Obama and our very own positive angry black man Shani Kulture spits the truth about our president too, American Idol recaps from Orlando, we talk to Mike “The Situation” from The Jersey Shore, K.Foxx hits up an Indianapolis donut shop to rep the NY Jets, Tony Wynton gives us updates live from Haiti and listen to this ladies; you can get locked up for carryin mad condoms out in D.C. I’m sorry but why do women need to carry jimmy hats for?! That’s too loosey goosey for ya boy.

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- Cipha Sounds

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10 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/21/10”

  1. yessss, thank you Ciph i was refreshing ur page all morning to get 2 days show. oh you should “do you koe Ethiopians” for the show.

  2. Man, so there’s no Juan Ep with “The Suitation” thats a darn shame.

  3. … you just have to go on the you tubes to worship the devil…

    it’s the TRUTH! C’mon Shani..

    Rosenberg couldn’t handle it….

  4. Yo, where can I get that “Pants on the ground” remix!? That shit is illl!

  5. HA, CarMAN get served by a music store rookie.. LOL

    seriously dude, you have been getting played lately..

  6. said it before, ill say it again.. that MC on the beginning of the AKeys joint was GARBAGE. rhyme made NO sense.

  7. you guys gotta do a juan ep. with jersey shore guidos. pauly d would be interesting cause he looks like he’s seriously into dj’ing.

    • pauly d would be a great fit – not only does he seem to be a serious DJ, but he macks on chicks. he had the iller personality out of the whole house.

  8. Hi,this is really a good jeans,I like the classic pants.

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