Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


We got the official Chris Brown voicemail to Rihanna, Shani Kulture spits the truth about the “negro box” on the census form…what the hell?, what would happen if you use the Young Money Bedrock   lyrics in a club, should both husband and wife be on a house deed, is Jay-Z a free mason, as if Mariah Carey could embarrass herself anymore she goes ahead and accepts an award drunk off her culo and a listener’s heated because we’re always playin the slap a white boy clip. I’m sayin we make fun of all races up here, no one’s safe so chill out…. And slap a white boy.

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- Cipha Sounds

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11 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/7/09”

  1. i dont think you guys play it enough

  2. I 2nd that Khal…lol

  3. Ima call Rev Al and DEMAND you Slap a RompinShop record off the corner of the soundboard.

    it’s 1-0 son!

    yea. i said it.

  4. Pisan needs to sit down.. it’s not like you come on the air and proclaim a Smak a Whiteboi day and encourage everyone to Smack a single Race…

    It’s all in context.

    I CAN see it becoming a fad among teens, like all kids like to take something and run with it, but its no more dangerous than watabistuberri.

    just shows how scared white people still are of Black Expression.

  5. i love the morning show…its great but yall OD with all the carmen phone jacks!!!

  6. Alfamega is a snitch but he diddnt snitch in T.I.!
    where does she get her news from!
    Tmz or the Smoking gun never said that!
    Love the show Tho!
    p.s. T.I. is a snitch TOO!
    1 year for 12 guns???
    cmon SUN!

  7. y’all are wack for just dismissing the freemason jay z thing.

    he might not be into all that but there is no question that he is at least trying to make people think he is.

  8. Yeah Ciph you let me down on that Jigga shit. I thought you was gonna go in on him!

    Jay Z is without a shadow of a doubt deep into mystery religions. Prodigy called Jay Z out on this in a letter from prison. This ritual occult shit is deep in the entertainment industry. Its way to much for me to try and explain. As far as Jay’s concerned, you can watch the many videos on youtube exposing his facination with the occult. Just type “jay z mason” and you’ll find tons of stuff.

    Oh and here’s Prodigy’s actual letter from jail…

  9. Even if Jay is a Freemason or into some other shit, what does it matter. He’s not hurting anyone. Music is dope, thats all that matter.

  10. please image sex woman send in the Email
    tank you

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