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Oh boy Oh boy, new Juan Epstein with the one and only Snoop Dogg… This guy talks about a lot of dope shit. From Nas and Tupac to Dogg Pound and Biggie… Also had a special guest phone call from Tiger Woods. A classic Juan Ep… Holla Black.

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. good looks for the re-up and keeping up with the Juan Eps again…gonna listen to this on my commute back to the crib later..1 Volume!

  2. HELLLL YEAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! I was falling asleep here at the job but this just woke my ass up!!!

  3. Thanks, Mr. Cipha Sounds. I will give this a thorough listen when I am in Florida at the end of the week. Hope you enjoy your days off. I’m loving the morning show and the Juan Episodes!


  4. YES! Happy Festivus Ciph and thanks.

  5. love foxx but no ladies on the podcast please

  6. dayum.. outta nowhere!

    happy christmas/jewmas/day off fellas

  7. Damn no overtime for me after work straight to the crib to download this.

  8. Yeah, I have to agree with “NO”. K Foxx is great, it just seems like she is in more radio mode than Juan Ep mode. And damn, Rico is Carmen, thanks for ruining that. haha.

    But real talk, keep up the good work with the morning show and Juan Ep.

  9. PURE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see Juan Ep moving at “Juan Volume” again, thanks Ciph!


  10. THX CIPH !!!!

    The Nas episode with Pac is crazyyyyyyy!

    Big up !

    PS : Rico = Carmen ? My laaawd (c) Shani Kulture

  11. Nooo way is Rico really Carmen?? Great episode !!!

  12. This is probably thee BEST Juan Ep EVER!! Thank you!!

  13. i still hope to get todays show for the year re cap and rosenbergs bet

  14. “No radio voices on this show bitch!”
    – Cipha Sounds

  15. this shit was crazy. snoop was dropping gems

  16. big upss one muthafakin volume

  17. man… I BEEN tellin u ninjas Rico = Carmen….

    No one listens 2 their parents no mo.

    Big up Snoop for growin as a Man in your Music.
    Hold that family tight.
    Keep teachin these 30-something knuckleheads to stop actin like lil kids

    Merry Chistmas,

    Uncle Maj

    • rico is a lot more than carmen – he does a shitload of voices for the show.

      • no doubt, they they all DOPE. just the mental image if Rico performing Carmen, makes my stomach bubble.

        Tiger & the Fillipino dude are the best.. make me ROLL every time.

        some things are jus better left unknown. ya dig?

  18. snoop on MONK was dope… HAaaaaaa

  19. i need a CLEAN version of Malice tho… cuz i loves mah kids…


  20. ok.. talk about akward…. just heard tha no-gag reflex comment…

    rico gon messarround and get D O Doubble SMACKED up in here…

  21. Thanks for this early christmas gift. You and pete are the best, keep it up.

  22. […] Juan Epstein: Snoop Dogg […]

  23. no more K. Foxx on podcasts. i would like to hear more Shani Kulture on this instead of her. at least he’s funny & not annoying. but another great episode. glad to hear new episodes more often. keep it up !

  24. That west coast instrumental that y’all was discussing was ‘Black Superman’ by Above The Law. Official..

  25. so good so good, could u please hit up snoop for this remix with busta

  26. lol at dude who JUST discovered rico was carmen. i thought it was pretty obvious.

    that said, this is one of my absolute favorite juan eps. i wish it was the full 80 min, but this is still an instant classic. the stories about , nwa, pac, big & nas were classic.

  27. So I didn’t know Rico was Carmen big deal. Thanks again for the post Cipha Diaz.

  28. Big ups to the Big Homie Snoop D, O Double G!!

    Juan Ep holdin shit down!!

  29. one of my fav Juan Ep’s, just a few thoughts….

    1. How cool was snoop, relaxed and funny def a quality guest.
    2. his stories were amazin, the one about nas had me litterally pissin myself with excitement before he told it, vintage ! and for a big nas fan, shows a good side of him as he really could of fucked some things up !
    3. I was laso shocked at rico bein carmen, that shit is fucked up !!!!!!!

  30. Finally listened, great episode! One of the best ever…but I can’t believe people didn’t know that Rico plays Carmen.

  31. Still playing the Snoop episode and using #SuckDickOrDieTryin as a ‘trending topic’, but waiting for the next Juan EP.

  32. […] teased this special edition of the Juan Epstein podcast on the morning show all last week, and they’ve dropped this ill gift a […]

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