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Yes one more day and we out of this bitch!

Beanie Sigel was in a car accident, Brittany Murphy death details, things blk ppl don’t care about, Do You Know Puerto Ricans, we hookin the fellas up with what not to get your girl for Christmas, a special Black Girl’s Court; a listener sends K.Foxx a letter about some boyfriend issues she’s havin durin the holidays, Lil Wayne will be relaxin in Rikers Island soon, 2009’s top stories and Rosenberg lost the big football bet so you know what that means.. bring on the wedgies!!!

- Cipha Sounds

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18 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/22/09”

  1. When you tell people that your gunna put them on hold and talk to em.. Do you? aka stripper chick

  2. man.. rosenberg did not take that wegie well…

    where’s that video..

  3. So…we need that video of Rosenberg getting Weggie’d STAT.

  4. You gotta put that video up of rosenberg getting that crazy he posted the video of him puttin juanito in a wrestling move so sweet revenge is so necessary right now!!!

  5. yo happy festivus (seinfeld)

  6. Ciph – that mix at the end sounds like you were actually having fun. It’s good to hear that. I hope you get more “Hip-Hop Moments” in 2010, so we can get some dope mixes.

  7. Ciph, do you mind going into detail somehow some way about your comedy class.. I’m thinking about taking on and would like to hear about your experience. Thanks for the post.

  8. Are y’all on vacation this week?
    (So I can stop hitting refresh!)

  9. yo yo what up? any word on today’s show or Thursday’s ?

  10. Hey there,

    Hope you guys are having a pleasant holiday season. I wanted to get in touch with someone here (at regarding some co-op efforts. Please feel free to reach out at any time. Thanks.


  11. LMAO

    Thanks for that khal. We needed to see that because the radio version was just plain annoying.

    Dude does look just like Erick Sermon.
    I think it would’ve been funnier if Billy would’ve done it.

  12. […] Taken from last Tuesday’s show. […]

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