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JUAN EP BONUS F/MVP & Eve Torres of the WWE

Click here to listen and download: JUAN EP BONUS f/MVP & EVE TORRES of the WWE

- Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “JUAN EP BONUS F/MVP & Eve Torres of the WWE”

  1. eve seemed like she wanted to break you off ciph.

    dope juan ep.

  2. Ciph, did you take her to the A-Team truck and give her the shaboygan?

  3. Ciph your expression in that pic is priceless. Rico and Rosenberg were geeking out.

  4. Yo I love Juan Ep, but this one literally put me to sleep…no shots but this felt more like a wrestling q&a. They seem cool as hell but this definitely was a bit boring

  5. I haven’t watched wrestling since the early 90s. Even tho I didn’t know about half the sh*t they were talkin bout it was still a pretty good juan ep… Keep’em coming!

  6. of course rosenberg would have his arm around MVP instead of Eve

  7. starting good end a lil boring but still a juan ep none the less

  8. ciph needs 2 get into more things and stop being a misanthrope,just cause your not into something dosent mean it’s beneath u. ur still cool tho

  9. haha, for real, first 2 things i notice bout the pic is ciph’s expression n rosenberg with his arm around mvp not Eve

  10. one of the best juan ep’s need more wrestling juan ep’s that shit was sickk

  11. only made it through half of this before i though meh and went on with my day

  12. excellent blog I’m a huge Wrestling supporter from Sweden

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