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We so back on our Juan Epstein its shit… (Geraldo Rivera season 3 episode 3) and this episode is the Clipse. Talked about it all, Drugs, Play Clothes, The Neptunes, and the fire album “Til the casket drops”… Thanks for the continued support.

Click here to listen & download: Juan Epstein – Clipse

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. First and I FUCKIN LOVE TURTLES !!!! Thx and Big up from Paris, France !

  2. glad to see this tweet, im about to listen to this right away, 2nd, and streaming for Grand Rapids, MI

  3. damn yall with the head fake – tease a snoop juan ep, then throw out the mufuckin clipse. now if i could only like more than “kinda like a big deal” and “i’m good” lol

  4. cipha sounds is that nigga! thanks playa.

  5. well played

  6. Juan ep back at it!

    Thanks for making time for this.

  7. this shit is dope now i gotta go back and listen to the first Clipse on Juan ep. LMAO @ rosenberg getting checked for making a mockery of the album

  8. juan ep is back on his grizzley… good lookin out ciph!!

  9. Love Juan Epstein. Clipse is the shit. Can’t wait for the Snoop shit from yesterday’s show. Oh and you gotta find the Leon ep of Juan Ep. I don’t care how old it is, put it up!!!

  10. Love Juan Ep. Clipse is the shit. Can’t wait for the snoop shit from yesterday’s show. Oh and please find that juan ep with Leon!!

  11. Ciph you NEED to see the Black Swan episode.

  12. Juan Ep is back by popular demand!!

  13. Thank you Juan Ep!!!!

  14. Fuck!!! I leave the house for work and you decide to drop the Juan Ep. Thanks Ciph!!

  15. need a re-up on ZSHARE…

    Usershare is WACK

  16. we appreciate this but thats fucked up holding out that snoop one. the soundbytes from the morning show sound crazy

  17. This was mad short Ciph! Where’s the Snoop one?

  18. lol @ “next week im in antartica recording an album w/ polar bears”

  19. Hilarious Rosenberg yells and the black girl yells back “You talking to me?”. Lol!

  20. Wata Gata Be Tu Berry?

  21. thanks guys….happy holidays!!!

  22. […] 3 of Juan Epstein is moving along swimmingly; they’ve got The Clipse in for the second time, and […]

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