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I hope everyone had a great holiday with lots of celebration and pounds of food in remembrance of the slaughtering of innocent Native Americans. Yes feel guilty!!  Now back to business.

Trey Songz got into a fight at a club and we have a witness’ first hand account of what went down; word has it Songz was throwin bows, filthy rich Tiger Woods got into a car accident because his wife found out he was playin the field LITERALLY, our boy Jedidah from the land of bluegrass banjos and racism has somethin to say about the situation and we solved one of the world’s biggest mysteries.. is Tiger asian or black? Some Roman Catholics are petitioning against same sex marriages in New Jersey, things black people don’t care about, Do You Know Roman Catholics and our boy Diddy calls the show to talk about his new fragrance and proves without a doubt that me and Rosenberg are still nobodies.

Welcome back bitches!

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- Cipha Sounds

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/30/09”

  1. Great show!
    Thanks for the post Ciph, as always your on ya grind, gotta respect that

    But we’ve gotta talk about ya boy Rosie, what’s up with this:

    • He\’s not going away and you will just stay mad at this fact. People crack me up running into toicps of artists/celebrities they obviously despise. You\’re dumb! If you don\’t like R. Kelly then stay out of toicps about him. Don\’t listen to his music or follow news about him. PERIOD. He\’s not going to stop just because of a couple of naysayers. Oh and he has far more than just some hits. The legacy will to continue. Stay mad.

  2. classic show….yo ciph i just heard dj envy left hot 97 damnnn thats crazy…hot 97 got the best staff ciph take that new at 2 spot tho…wish it was flex that was leavin that dude is trash talks alot of bs when he on air haha…yo ciph do me a favor n tell flex to drop a bomb on himself…

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