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click here to watch: 50 Cent x Beanie Sigel Interview PT2

Yo the 50 concert was poppin last night. It was a straight up zoo! 50 went in on that stage and even brought out Beanie Siegal. Crazy!

Speakin of Beans, he has another diss record towards Hov and somehow he says that I’m part of this beef now?! Black Girls Court: is the movie Precious offensive to the black community? New Black Moon album, talked about some things that went down at the 50 Cent show last night, are parents responsible for their children’s actions, Do You Know Angry Black Men, since Thanksgiving is around the corner we asked callers who they wish to not see at Thanksgiving, we also played our Thanksgiving song and did an instant survey of who should carve the turkey, the husband or the father?

Don’t forget to tune in today on HOT 97 at 3PM to listen to Angie Martinez interview Rihanna.

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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4 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/24/09”

  1. ::YAWN:: @ Male-on-Male Drama in interviews.

    Express yourself through your music, that’s cool but at the end of the day, you don’t have any REAL problems.

  2. Juan Ep…. please tell me there is somthing in the works….

    thanks ciph keep up the great work.

    P.S. the morning show is more addictive than crack…

  3. yall need to get Chubb Rock & MOS DEF and do a Juan Ep on BEEF.

    And ooh-ooh, I curse you with that Fugee-la voodoo
    Will do you like Italian deli kids slicing prosciutto
    I barb you like Bobbito, the airport, right through Heathrow
    Release murder ninjas like Ito

    How black power went sour, where’s Brother Jay?
    Where’s the ‘pink Cadillacs protected by’ whoever?
    The red and the black, green, Hilfiger ninja

    Indians wanna protect the Lone Howling Chief
    So kids create beef

    Beef is not what Jay said to Nas,
    Beef is when working ninjas can’t find jobs.

    Beef is when a crack-kid can’t find moms,
    cause they in a pine box, or locked behind bars.

    Beef ain’t the summer Jam on Hot Ninety-Seven.
    Beef is the Cocaine and AIDS epidemics.

    Beef don’t come with a radio edit.
    Beef is when the judge’s callin you defendant.

    Beef is when a gold-digger got your seed in her,
    A manicured hand out, like, “Pay me ninja,
    Or I’m tellin your wife,
    And startin up some foul rumors that’ll ruin your life.”

    Beef is when a gangster ain’t doing it right,
    And other gangsters then decide to do with his life.

    Beef is not what these famous ninjas would do in the mic,

    Some beef is big, and some beef is small,

    But what y’all call beef is no beef at all.

    Beef is real life, happenin every day,

    And its real-er than the songs that you gave to K-Slay.

    This has been a Black Star P.S.A.
    From Mos Def, Pretty Blaco, Black Dante,
    From the Black Star Embassy B to the K!

  4. Monday’s show was just perfect. The combination of your normal show with a whole bunch of Nas, Tribe, Pun and NORE was unbeatable. That $50 a song fund raising idea is golden and should be implemented more often because both the listener and the charities win!

    Was the lady in charge of the event the same women who used to do the old intro to the show? You know, the nice Jewish lady who wanted to hook up Rosenberg with her niece or something?

    Keep it up.

    Peace from Toronto.

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