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Yo the Bronx is gettin heated and dangerous again. Crime rates have definitely been shootin up lately over there wtf?

The beautiful Sofia Vergara jokes about bein raped, Janet Jackson opens up publicly on GMA about Michael and Jermaine Dupri, Shani Kulture spits the truth about the movie New Moon and vampires, Do You Know Black Women and Craig Robinson from The Office and Knocked Up came by and helped us with some new words in the Oxford dictionary.

Since 50 Cent’s banned from the buildin we ended up doin some intergalactic, futuristic interview via a satellite van and let me tell you now, Fif doesn’t hold nothin back. Plus does 50 and K.Foxx make peace after what went down on air last week?

And go cop the Before I Destruct album in stores now!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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14 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/19/09”

  1. So, I was able to download yesterday’s, but today’s and Tuesday’s will not work for me. I MUST hear Craig Robinson on the show! What can I do??

  2. Ciph whats up with these links bro they dont work

  3. ciph need those roc-a-pellas

  4. Back to zshare please… “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” LET GOOO!!!

  5. damn ciph u started the fuckin show by urself you might gotta chris brown k foxx and beat the shit out of rosenberg to teach them a lesson b lmao

  6. Hey Ciph, great show but why is 50 banned from the building??

  7. i havent been able to download the last couple of shows either!!! wtf

  8. craig needs to be on that show more or start his own podcast somethin dudes mad funny

  9. Fuck that nigga 50 mayne … bitchass nigga

  10. watagatabistuberri lol!

  11. wish I could listen to this but usershare sucks balls.

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